The Flooring of the Fratelli Messina Srl has implemented an “ANTI-BRIBERY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM” certified by IMQ-CSQ SpA, that is an anti-corruption management system, integrated with the other management systems, in order to prevent, identify and deal with any corruption in relation to business processes.

To this end, the Top Management has:

  • Established the COMPLIANCE FUNCTION (CF), consisting of an independent team of collaborators and professionals (Manager and Auditor of management systems, Security Managers, Expert Lawyers of compliance) having the task of supervising the design and implementation of the anti-corruption management system , implement the same, monitor its use and effectiveness, settle all issues related to it and constantly monitor internal control systems and procedures aimed at combating possible corruptions
  • Anti-corruption policy established (download PDF)
  • Defined a “Reporting suspects” procedure in order to facilitate the identification of corruptive phenomena and the implementation of appropriate precautionary measures

“Reporting suspects” procedure

Flooring has defined an internal procedure for the reporting of suspects (complaints / anomalies / suggestions, etc.) of any type (security, environment, social responsibility, anti-corruption, etc.).

Any Stakeholder (actual and potential clients, business partners, suppliers, professional contacts, consultants and public bodies, including their consultants, representatives and officials, employees, collaborators, partners, etc.) can report any type of anomalies (safety, environment, social responsibility, anti-corruption, etc.) using the module MOD11-04 “Complaints and Reports” available in this section (download the PDF).

The form can be deposited in the appropriate mailbox available at the Flooring Purchasing Office (effective site: Via San Giovanni de Matha, 95 – Naples) or sent by post to the same address (Attendance of the Compliance Function) or sent by e-mail to:

The Corporate Management of Flooring guarantees that no one will suffer discriminatory treatments for refusing to become complicit in acts of corruption or for reporting in good faith the occurrence or possible occurrence of such behavior. Discriminatory treatment means dismissal, disciplinary measures, threats or other punitive behavior following the report.

Ethical code

Flooring has defined a Code of Ethics. All employees and collaborators are trained on the contents of the same when they are hired and in case of changes, the training activity is repeated for all staff.